Single Event Competitions

League/Season Competitions

The single event game mode competitions is similar to daily fantasy competitions. They will either be opened to the public or made private. In this competition, any number of competitors can create a lineup for which fighter they think is going to win, how they will win, and when they will win. The person with the most points will win the grand prize and the rest will be payed out according to the payout structure. The scoring will be different competition to competition and will be clearly stated prior to joining. If a fighter drops out of a fight and is replaced, Previous entries will be refunded and you will be able to enter again if you wish. If a fight is canceled then the contest will continue as normal and no one will receive points for that Fight.

Single Event

The head to head game mode will be a season-long league where the commissioner can select the length of the season, how many people make playoffs, the prize payout, and the scoring options they want. The season will be 10-20 events and will work as follows;

Each event, one league member will face-off against another. They will select who they believe will win, how they win, and the round they win for all the fights. Once the event begins, the player will be able to see their opponent’s lineup. At the end of the night, the person with the most points from the event wins while the other person loses. At the end of the season (depending on how many people are in the league), the top records will move on to playoffs where each match last 2 events allowing more time to test player’s MMA knowledge. The winner of the playoffs will then win the larger share of the prize money and have bragging rights.

Head To Head

Road to Gold is the ultimate test of fight knowledge. A group of 8 players will be put up against one another to see who truly knows the most about MMA. After one event, the league will have a ranking from the champion to the 7th based on points earned on that event. A player will earn points by predicting who will win, how they will win, and what round they will win. Here is how the season would play out.

  • Champ vs. 1 seed

  • 2 vs. 3 seed

  • 4 vs. 5 seed

  • 6 vs. 7 seed

The winner of Champ vs. 1 seed stays/becomes Champ. Loser drops to 2 in the rankings

The winner of 2 vs. 3 seed becomes number one (1) contender and the loser drops to 4 seed

The winner of 4 vs. 5 seed becomes the 3 seed and the loser drops to 6 seed

The winner of 6 vs. 7 seed becomes the 5 seed and the loser drops/stays the 7 seed

The player with the most title defenses at the end of the year will be crowned champion.

Road To Gold

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