Did The Simpsons predict Conor vs Gaethje?

Before we begin let me just say the first part is going to be about The Simpsons and the next part will be how I see the fight going. Let us begin!

The Simpsons have been known to predict events that happen in real life. From the Ebola outbreak to Disney buying 20th Century Fox to even Trump running for president, The Simpsons seem to always get it right. With the joke of Gaethje being the Homer Simpson of the UFC I went ahead and did some research to find out if they predicted who's going to win. What I was able to find is Homer was able to catch a leprechaun and while the little guy attempts to throw punches, Homer holds him effortlessly. This means that Gaethje will takedown and hold Mcgregor on the ground for all 5 rounds. MMA math may not work... but The Simpsons are never wrong!

Now, in my opinion, Conor coming off the win over Donald Cerrone is looking for a reason to deserve a title. A lot of people believe that this fight is the key fight to deem him worthy of this fight. Justin has made quick work of his last three opponents. With all of them being notable names from the likes of James Vick, Edson Barboza, and Cowboy Cerrone. He has a valid argument on why he deserves a crack at Khabib. The fight makes sense for both of them but how does it go. Justin has an iron chin similar to Nate Diaz but has been finished by some notable strikers including Dustin and Eddie. Conor was able to finish both Eddie and Dustin but with his lack of stamina, if Conor can't put him away early he may be in trouble. I see Justin being too easy to hit and getting put away in the second but if he can weather the storm round 4 and 5 could be ugly in favor of Justin. Either way, I would love to see it and hope that the UFC gives us this fight.


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